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Pho Da cafe & homestay

Located in Lagi, a coastal town in central Vietnam, with diverse tropical terrain consisting of mountains, forests, rivers and sandy beaches. The project is the second phase of renovation for an existing local restaurant. ( For the first phase, please visit Pho Da Cafe ).

The new Cafe draws upon the palette of existing materials and typological forms of the Pho Da cafe, including a long roof by using a modest steel structure and cement tiles. The main support system replicates the familiar wood frame observable at the current restaurant. The cafe space has different degrees of openness and enclosure. The dining outlook focuses toward the river and activities along it. It provides the guests with the usual comforts yet does not take away their intimate connection with nature.

Project: CHR
Client: Mr. Suy
Location: LaGi- Binh Thuan province.
Year: 2017
Status: Under construction.
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